Hawai’i’s new Onium Ballet Project, with dancers Tiffanie Ferrer, Adi Inclan, Julia Moran, Andrew Sakaguchi and Malia Yamamoto, captured the music’s playfulness and rhythmic excitement through Artistic Director Minou Lallemand’s choreography. Lallemand, clearly a gifted choreographer, wove modern movements into a ballet tapestry, interacting with the music in sensitive, elegant ways.

– The Honolulu Advertiser

Clean in structure and precise in execution, her dances seem propelled by an internal force. Expansive in its scope, Lallemand’s work demands and warrants a larger space. Her company of fine dancers includes Tiffanie Ferrer, Valerie Gee, Adi Inclan, and Malia Yamamoto. Her choreographic talent is most evident, however, in the lyrical duet “La Calma,” created for Okamura and Darragh.

The Honolulu Advertiser

Lallemand’s choreography presented a richly detailed story with distinct characters. The audience was enthralled.

– The Honolulu Advertiser